Magical Moments Gross Motor Areas

Indoor Area

Features a motorway with tricycles, scooters and a car! Activities include bowling, tents, wooden boat, hopscotch, baseball hoop, balance beem, tampoline, ring toss and soccer net. We use our indoor facility anytime we are unable to venture outside.

Outdoor Area

Offers a fenced off area with room to run, a large sandbox, climber, playhouse, play set with swings, climbing wall, and slide with a pebble-base ground cover(specifically chosen to reduce allergy exposure). Soccer net and baskball hoop. We try to utilize the outdoor area as much as possible in appropriate weather conditions.


I brought Arvaan in as a three year old who had three words. I had my fears and apprehensions. Not only did they work with Arvaan on speech and class involvement they always encouraged me that his speech will be fine. They worked with his therapist too. My son loves school and we can't imagine moving out. We have been here two years and he will go in for the third too!!! They are the most loving preschool I have ever seen!!