Bright Beginnings Class

Our Bright Beginning students learn many new things:


  • introduced to a school setting
  • learn to sit and listen to the teacher
  • learn about weather, calendar, and story time
  • have center time, where they rotate centers and play
  • learn to socialize with other children
  • learn fine and large motor skills and craft every day


Our Bright Beginnings class meets on Thursdays and Fridays from 9:30 AM - 12:00 noon.

The children do not have to be potty trained to attended this class. Check the Registration information for Tuition cost.

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Bright Beginnings ~ Curriculum


September: Welcome to School, All about Me, Friends, Community and Famiy. Focus on Letters.

October: Apples, Leaves, Harvest, and Pumpklins. Focus on Colors.

November: Piligrims, Nativie Americans, Turkeys and Thanksgiving. Focus on Counting.

December: Holiday Symbols and Festivities. Focus on Shapes.

January: Snow Animals, Snow, Winter, and Numbers. Focus on Counting 1-10.

February: Colors, Shapes, Love, Friendship, and Ocean. Focus on Shapes.

March: Dr. Seuss, Rainbows, Weather, and Farm Animals. Focus on Letters.

April: Bugs, Butterfies, Planting, and Flowers. Focus on Colors.

May: Special Mothers and Summer Fun. Review all month.


Magical Moments offers an opportunity for your child to thrive, grow, learn, and make friends. The teachers are kind, compassionate, and perfectly suited for working with preschoolers. The lessons are engaging and full of hands-on activities. My 3-year old daughter is so excited to go to preschool each day. No tears for her! She loves her teachers, the friends she made, and learning. I highly recommend you visit the school and see all they have to offer.