Bright Beginnings Class

Our Bright Beginning students learn many new things:


  • introduced to a school setting
  • learn to sit and listen to the teacher
  • learn about weather, calendar, and story time
  • have center time, where they rotate centers and play
  • learn to socialize with other children
  • learn fine and large motor skills and craft every day


Our Bright Beginnings class meets on Thursdays and Fridays from 9:30 AM - 12:00 noon.

The children do not have to be potty trained to attended this class. Check the Registration information for Tuition cost.

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Bright Beginnings ~ Curriculum


September: Welcome to School, All about Me, Friends, Community and Famiy. Focus on Letters.

October: Apples, Leaves, Harvest, and Pumpklins. Focus on Colors.

November: Piligrims, Nativie Americans, Turkeys and Thanksgiving. Focus on Counting.

December: Holiday Symbols and Festivities. Focus on Shapes.

January: Snow Animals, Snow, Winter, and Numbers. Focus on Counting 1-10.

February: Colors, Shapes, Love, Friendship, and Ocean. Focus on Shapes.

March: Dr. Seuss, Rainbows, Weather, and Farm Animals. Focus on Letters.

April: Bugs, Butterfies, Planting, and Flowers. Focus on Colors.

May: Special Mothers and Summer Fun. Review all month.


I love that it is small and that the teachers know the children so well!