PreK Class

At Magical Moments Preschool, our center-based, hands-on approach to Pre-K is an exciting place to be. The dynamics of our classroom create a sense of community and friendship for the students.

Each day the students will experience circle time where they share ideas and talk about the lesson for that week. Our line leader will help us through the calendar time, weather song/report, a graphing exercise, patterning and our site words. We will learn letter recognition, sounds, blends and then move into read/write words.

Center time, (science, reading, blocks, math, dramatic play, arts & crafts and writing), is also a part of our daily routine. We experience whole group activities such as, making play dough, examination and preparation of theme-related foods and science experiments. We also present large motor activities each day including games, dancing, singing, and a visit to one of our gross motor areas.

By the end of the school year, it is our goal that each child writes his/her name using lower case letters, recognizes letters, their sounds and can write the alphabet in upper and lower case. They should also be able to count, recognize and begin to write their numbers; scissor cutting with the correct hand position, sit at circle time, and start to take care of their personal things, (backpacks, putting on coats, clean-up after snack). They should be respectful to their classmates and take pride in their classroom by handling the toys with care and picking up after they are finished playing.

The Pre-K class is a place where we are building confidence and nurturing each student. This is accomplished by making them feel special with one-on-one or small group activities. Magical Moments strives to accomplish the skills necessary to meet the local kindergarten guidelines.

Extended Day is offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday a morning and afternoon sessions. The students will go to the Pre-K class, have lunch (they will need to bring lunch) and then have an hour of enrichment literacy class. The Pre-K class will lay the foundation and the enrichment will build on what the students have learn in Pre-K Class. This class is offered to children who are 4 & 5 Years Old.

3-Day Class
Our 3-Day class runs Wednesday-Friday, 9:30-12:00 or 1:00-3:30. This class is for 4 & 5 Year-Olds. The cost is $200 a month with an activity/registration fee of $120. You can extend one or two days with this class, just add $40 for each extended day to the monthly tuition. 

4-Day Class
Our 4-Day class runs Tuesday-Friday, 9:30-12:00 or 1:00-3:30. This class is also for 4 & 5 Year-Olds. The tuition cost is $225 a month with an activity/registration fee of $120. You can extend one or two days with this class, just add $40 for each extended day to the monthly tuition.

Pre-K ~ Curriculum

September: Welcome (open house), All About Me, My Family, and Our Community(Transportation, Jobs, and neighborhood)

October: Traditional Tales, Fall/Apples, Harvest Times, Leaves, and Pumpkins

November: Native Americans, Pilgrims, and Thanksgiving.

December: Holiday Celebrations, Holiday Symbols/Colors and Holiday Happenings.

January: Months, Days, Seasons, The New Year, Winter Wonder, Winter Animals, and Universe.

February: Universe, Love, Friendship/Numbers, and Under the Sea.

March: Dr. Seuss/numbers, Color/Rainbows, and Farm Animals.

April: Bugs, Beautiful Butterflies, Wind/Kites, Zoo Animals, and Planting/Flowers/Seeds.

May: Special Moms, Summer Safely/ Fun, and Outdoor Adventures.


I like the personal and kind approach from all the teachers.